About Us

Hello, and welcome from the Kiwi branch of the Oerder clan!

Our family has very itchy feet, so we're scattered around the world. Originally from Holland, Frans Oerder first emigrated to South Africa in 1890 and in 2002 we left the dusty grasslands of Africa and moved on to the long white cloud of New Zealand. For those who wonder about that description of New Zealand, you've obviously never been here! :-) The other name for New Zealand is Aotearoa which means "The land of the long white cloud." and quite aptly describes why the hills are such deep green rolling hills covered in long grass and dense ferns.

As you might have guessed from this website, I'm into I.T. and specialize in cloud delivered services. Sheri used to be in I.T. as well which made for some very interesting dinner conversations, but has recently changed career to providing the rental of wedding gowns. Please follow the link to her website on the main menu.


 Shane Oerder.



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